Your Technology Transition Partner

  • The Situation
  • Cloud Computing, Mobility, Virtualization, BC/DR, Web Apps, AWS, Office 365, The new Data Center, …. Is your company keeping up with the rapid changes in Technology? Are you remaining competitive? Are you remaining viable and efficient?

  • Why us?
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    Experience – Unlike some large consulting firms, we will provide experienced, thoughtful business leaders who understand the business significance of IT.
    Expense – We are a “low overhead” operation and will guarantee that all work will be focused on getting demonstrable results, which are consistent with the agreed-to needs.
    A Team Process – Our members come with a broad span of expertise in such areas as infrastructure, security, data centers, call centers, software, healthcare and
    Business – We have started businesses and grown businesses. We have dealt with every imaginable issue, whether technical, customer related or crisis and people issue.
    IT Consulting – Technology exists to serve the enterprise. We will tell you the hard truth that your people may be reluctant to say.
    Vision – We have a passion for continual improvement.

  • What we do
  • First of all, we keep up with the latest technologies. Then we assess your business needs. Then we prioritize the top tech changes which must be made to meet these needs. From this we are able to lay the groundwork for a corp IT strategy and roadmap to the future.



CIO Banner3More than ever before, it is “Innovation or Bust.” Interim CIO’s can drive a company’s growth through the efficient and effective use of information technology. An Interim CIO is particularly well-suited for this task. They are specialists in transition management, with the experience and track record to meet whatever IT challenge your company faces. Although the role of the traditional CIO has shifted significantly over the past several years amid the growth of new technologies, the use of outsourcing, and recessionary pressures, the strong voice of a chief information officer remains vital for companies looking to drive change. They accomplish a lot with a little. In a cost-conscious corporate environment, talented interim CIOs are bringing to the table both the managerial experience and tactical business know-how to transform an IT department. The temptation amid cost-cutting is sometimes to outsource, but outsourcing can harm a company when information technology strategies are no longer a priority. Now is not a good time for a company to lack a strong voice in IT, an architect with a vision for innovation. It’s not just about offering IT life support, but ultimately about helping a company create a strategy that fuels opportunity. For companies looking for immediate opportunity and growth, an interim CIO can drop into a company for a short period of time to then give an injection of IT and strategic expertise. Cloud technology can be used to provide an array of useful services in today’s marketplace, and CIOs and CTOs are embracing their usage. But one-size-fits-all doesn’t work across the board. Interim CIOs provide the team with tools specific to their functions and customization to make them as unique as the company itself.


The experts that make up our CIO team have over 20 years of relevant experience each, with a full array of technical and business skills including:

  • Software Selection
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Security
  • CRM
  • Service Management
  • ERP Implementation
  • MRP
  • Distribution
  • Network Support
  • Financials
  • Supply Chain Management