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My name is Bob Reid and the company is Protos, Inc.

Our tag line is “Advanced IT Solutions

Sometimes, IT has been considered a necessary evil, but it has now become essential for competitiveness. There have been remarkable advances in IT such as cloud computing, social media, the ipad and iphone and virtualization. However, most  companies are not positioned to take advantage of these advances.  Our purpose at Protos is to intentionally move our customers into a secure, compliant and reliable infrastructure so that they will have the agility and robustness to remain competitive. We do this through a trusted adviser approach and a relationship with the top system providers in the world. Our partners include: Peak10.com for data center services, EMC for high availability consolidated storage, and VMware for hypervisor and management services. If you want to go virtual, or improve your backup methods, or move to a “private cloud”, we and our partners can make it happen.

May I ask you a few questions about your company’s IT?

  1. On a scale of one to 10 how important are computers to your business?
  2. Are you satisfied with the reliability of the systems?
  3. Are you happy with the capacity and flexibility of the IT?
  4. Have there been any long or unexplained outages?
  5. Do you have to meet any regulations such as HIPAA or PCI?
  6. Are there any advanced features which you need but do not have?


Answers: 1. 10; 2. no; 3. no way; 4. yes; 5. of course; 6. you bet


About the Author:

While I was at Stanford, I got to know Dr. William Schockley, the inventor of the transistor. While at Bell Labs I produced the first computer generated animation, I worked on the first packet switch and the first picture-phone. I worked with the inventors of Unix and C. I produced multiple compilers, operating systems and microcode. I worked with the Snobal language - the precursor to Perl and Ramis the precursor to SQL. The building I worked in was home for 5000 of the smartest people in the industry. We had Phd's cutting the grass. (just kidding). I never had it so good again. Today that building is empty and for sale. After the Bell System, I spent 25 years in the satellite industry. I led development teams in the VSAT industry. I started and grew early stage companies in this industry. Recently I have been involved in cloud computing startups focused on infrastructure and virtual desktops.
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